Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Fish Tail Braid

The fishtail braid is a great summer hairstyle that is no-mess and fuss-free-- perfect for the long summer days on the beach. The fishtail braid is actually very low maintenance and requires very little technique despite how intricate the strands of hair actually appear.

To create this look section your hair into two parts, side-by-side onto one side of your face. Grab 1/4 inch of hair from one side and use your hand to hold that piece in place. From the opposite side grab 1/4 inch of hair from the outside of the section and cross it over to the inside of the first section. Repeat these steps until your braid is complete. Once you secure your hair with a hair tie, to create a messier or beachy look gently open the braid by pulling each section apart.

For a unique take on the fish tail braid, simply add fun colors of yarn or colorful rope to your hair to add a pop of color.

What's your go-to hairstyle for staying cool during the long summer months? Comment below and let us know.

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